Mr. Sandman, bring me a dream.

I’m currently sanding and finishing off two paintings that’ll soon be on their way to Cologne, Germany. I’ll keep you posted to see the finished results.




Throwback Thursday: Religious C*nts D*cks & *ssh*l*s

This series represent large scale simplified human genitalia. Each ” c*nt, d*ck or *ssh*l*” represents a religious figure I don’t approve of, instead of painting the person themselves, because that would just be too easy.

The paintings are made to look like lead and stained glass windows, like often found in churches and mosques. This way, I want to try to create awareness, through aesthetically beautiful paintings, that religion keeps dividing our world.


Throwback: Rumour, discussion, argument & fantasy

Say hello to Chastity and Candy. Yes, they are prostitutes. 

These ladies were part of a project I did in 2010-2011, when I painted 8 life-sized prostitutes on recycled windows using acrylic and gloss paint on plexiglass along with LED lights, aluminium, wood, curtains and rubber.

Why I chose the theme of prostitution? Find out more on the project page.


find out more about this project

NEW WORK. John Doe painting

The last couple of weeks, I’ve mainly been concentrating on the following paintings. The male John Doe portrait is being shipped to New York as we speak, for the Context art fair. The female Jane Doe XL isn’t quite finished yet, but I’m getting there. Hand mixing pigment and epoxy resins is very time consuming, but I still believe the result is quite stunning.

call me frank

call me frank

call me frank

more john and jane does

Upcoming: Art Breda – Context NY

A quick update on upcoming exhibitions, as my work will be shown at two art fairs in the coming weeks:

Art Breda 2016

Galerie Van Campen en Rochtus will be showing work in Breda from 10th until 17th April 2016. For more information about the fair, click here.

Context New York

The Cube Gallery will also be showing my work, in New York from 3rd until 8th May. Click here for more information.


NEW WORK. Portraits on plexiglass

The past month I have been extremely busy making new work.

I’m still working on a Jane Doe XL that should be finished in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, I also made a male and female portrait. These pieces will be shown at Galerie Van Campen en Rochtus in Knokke, at the Belgian coast. Hope you like them! 

Mad world.

Yesterday was a dark day in our history.

The terrorist attacks in Brussels were frightening, and we’ve never felt this war getting as close as it has yesterday. All my thoughts go out to everyone who suffered from these barbaric acts.

I keep reading this in the media: ‘It wasn’t a matter of if, if was a matter of when‘. How scary is that?

Almost immediately, the world wide web was filled with outpourings of emotion and displays of solidarity. One of the most remarkable things was how united all the Belgian people grew throughout the day: “Tous ensemble, Bruxelles ma Belle”. Basically, we were saying this: Dear terrorists. We are strong, we are united, we love each other, you can’t break us and we WILL get through this. I’m thankful we responded in such a resilient way, and I hope we can keep reacting as we did in the future.

I’m sorry if the painting that comes along with this post makes you feel uncomfortable. Making people feel comfortable was never my intention when painting it. The idea came from having seen a documentary made by VICE, about small children in Syria being prepared for their holy war. I felt so struck and emotional by it that it had me thinking: do we really want our kids growing up in this world? How do we explain all the bad things that are happening? How do we convince them that life is something beautiful and that the world is a wonderful place? I don’t have an exact answer to this, but I think the first step is: by believing it ourselves. By using the same resilience and strength we portrayed yesterday. By keeping ourselves united and showing eath other love and respect.

Belgium, be safe and keep strong.

Currently working on: Jane Doe XL

Let the madness begin…

This week I started working on a new Jane Doe piece measuring 200 by 160 centimeters. It’s the beginning of a long, slow and meticulous process that involves mixing and applying large amounts of different shades of different colors. At the moment, I have mixed and applied 14 different colors on the painting, and have approximately 265 to go…  You’ll have to bear with me for the final result, but if you’re curious about what it’ll look like visit the Jane Doe page for other examples and for more information about this type of work. 

more john and jane does

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